Origination and project development

Analysis and market research. We establish ourselves in those areas where we consider that there is a great potential for the development of renewable projects.

We work closely with all directly and indirectly related groups: land owners, public administrations at different levels... Our priority is efficient management in order to reduce development times.
From the initial stages of any project we involve the local communities so that they are designed, developed and built generating a positive impact wherever they are located.


Execution and start-up

We have a highly specialized technical team in constant training. This allows us to provide each project with the most efficient and innovative solutions.

We manage the material execution of the project by collaborating with first class partners and coordinating the execution times and deadlines.

Working on our own projects from the initial phase allows us to make the best engineering designs, always prioritizing the achievement of high performance that also reduces future operating costs.


Asset management

Correct and efficient asset management allows us to meet performance forecasts and even improve them. This is our vision from the beginning of any project to achieve maximum optimization.

We work with international operation and maintenance procedures and protocols that allow the maximum profitability of the photovoltaic project.

Photovoltaic energy

In recent years, photovoltaic energy, the fruit of an unlimited resource such as the sun, has experienced strong growth that has made it, together with wind power, one of the energy technologies with the greatest future projection.

Since our inception, Diverxia Infrastructure has specialised in the promotion of large photovoltaic plants, offering a wide range of services for the development, execution and comprehensive management of generation plants.

  • Our commitment to involving local stakeholders in the development of our cutting-edge projects has enabled solar photovoltaic energy to contribute to boosting the local economy.

  • Care and respect for the environment is part of the corporate identity of Diverxia Infrastructure. We have adapted all our processes to minimise the impact on the natural environment where we develop our projects.

Diverxia - Energía fotovoltáica
Diverxia - Energía híbrida (solar y eólica)


In locations where the solar resource is optimal and conditions are favourable for wind energy, we carry out studies for hybrid projects combining both technologies.

The hybrid system integrates two different types of renewable energy (photovoltaic and wind) to make the most of the sun and wind resources, complementing each other. This mixed model makes it possible to guarantee a more stable supply by not relying exclusively on a single energy source. A hybrid generation plant can be created from scratch or, conversely, an existing plant can be hybridised by adding a new module from a second energy source to the generation technology.

  • At Diverxia we are committed to hybrid projects that allow for greater optimisation of generation plants thanks to this type of infrastructure.

  • They also mean faster connection times and faster commissioning of new renewable generation infrastructure if no new access point has to be applied for at the administrative level.

  • Hybrid technology also reduces the unpredictability inherent in renewable energies and the stability of the electricity supplied is improved.

Green hydrogen

At a time when countries around the world have set decarbonisation of the planet by 2050 as a priority objective, green hydrogen is emerging as one of the solutions to the problem.

It is currently considered that green hydrogen can become a great alternative to more traditional fossil fuels. For this reason, our subsidiary Diverxia H2 is working on the development of green hydrogen generation and dispensing plants to supply fleets of goods transport vehicles located along the main transport corridors and logistics centres.

  • At Diverxia Infrastructure we develop integral projects for the use of H2 as an energy vector.

  • The final objective of the Diverxia H2 project is to collaborate with Grupo Alonso to offer its clients and collaborators CO2-free services by 2030-2035.

Diverxia - Hidrógeno verde