Diverxia H2 discusses the reality of the green hydrogen market at the Overfly Forum

Green hydrogen will play a central role in the decarbonization of the Spanish economy. This has been one of the main aspects that Diverxia H2 has analyzed during its participation in the Overfly Forum 2023, organized by Grupo Álava.  

The forum, which took place on June 21 and 22 in Madrid, brought together relevant actors in the field of renewable energies and H2. Raúl Marqués, H2 Engineer of Diverxia H2, was in charge of analyzing the situation of the Spanish market during the panel “Spain as a world power in green H2“.  

Together with him, Emilio Nieto from the National Hydrogen Center (CNH2), Íñigo Ortega from Tecnalia and Alejandro Blando from Hiperbaric participated in the round table.   

The meeting has also been broadcast live and can be followed in streaming through Youtube and Linkedin. 

Equipo H2

Green H2 and decarbonization  

During the intervention of Diverxia H2, the current Spanish situation in terms of mobility and energy has been analyzed. In Spain, road transport represents about 95% of energy consumption in the mobility sector. A sector which, in turn, accounts for 33% of national final energy consumption.  

A context that, as Marqués pointed out, implies that “the decarbonization of the economy requires the development of new heavy mobility solutions. Solutions based on technologies and integral renewable hydrogen projects”.  

But for this, it is necessary to promote “the deployment of both infrastructures and vehicles to achieve a more sustainable long-distance logistics transport”.  

An interesting debate that has shown the lines of work to follow to continue promoting the use of green H2 as an energy vector. 


About Diverxia H2

Diverxia H2 is born with the vocation of leadership in the integral development and implementation of green hydrogen generation projects.

Its line of action focuses on the development of green hydrogen generation and dispensing plants to supply fleets of goods transport vehicles located along the main transport corridors and logistics centers.

Thus, the company develops integral projects for the use of green H2 as an energy vector, seeking to respond to the need to decarbonize society.


About Diverxia Infrastructure  

With almost 20 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, Diverxia Infrastructure works in the development, execution and operation of large renewable projects around the world.

With headquarters in Spain and subsidiaries in the UK, USA, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Romania, Diverxia combines experience, commitment and sustained growth, generating great added value to the projects in which it takes part.