Diverxia closes sale of Tump Solar Farm project in UK

Diverxia’s Renewable Energy Division has succesfully connected a new solar farm in Monmouthshire County (UK) to the national power grid.

Tump Solar Farm, with a total installed capacity of 4.99 MWp, is capable of generating sufficient clean energy to supply the consumption of 1.500 households. It has developed taking into account the highest quality and environmental standards. Tump Solar Farm has rigorously planned to add to the sustainability of utility-scale solar PV, the integration and preservation of the grazing and the ecological balance of the area.
In addition to the connection, Diverxia has also announced the acquisition of Tump Solar Farm by an important international investor.
Paola Cásseres, Diverxia Business Manager, comments: “We are pleased to announce the successful sale on March 16th of our Photovoltaic Asset to an international investor specialized in renewable energy. The construction process of Tump Solar Farm has been very fluid and for the next two years we will remain involved as Operations and Maintenance Supplier.”

Nowadays, and after more than 10 years of developing logistical, port and energy infrastructure projects, Diverxia is committed to an ambitious pipeline focused on Renewable Energy projects in European and Latin-American Markets.