Energyear Spain 2023: Diverxia Infrastructure gives the keys to overcome new challenges in the field of renewables

Renovables en España

Paola Cásseres, Managing Director of Diverxia Infrastructure, and Álex Romeu, Operations Director, will be in charge of providing the company’s expertise at the international renewable energy meeting. 


Madrid will host a new edition of the Energyear tour on April 25th and 26th. An event in which Diverxia Infrastructure, as a leading company in the promotion of renewable projects, will take part again contributing with its experience in two of the scheduled panels.  

Thus, our Managing Director, Paola Cásseres, will participate in the panel “Local market. Renewables in Spain: where do we come from, where are we and where are we going? A space in which the challenges overcome in the renewables market and those to come will be discussed.  

Paola Casseres

The Operations Director, Álex Romeu, will take part in the panel “Design and construction of solar projects: how to obtain profitability in the current scenario”, in which he will outline the keys to the company’s work in the field of renewable projects.  

Both presentations will take place on Tuesday, April 25, with the first at 9:20 am and the second at 3:45 pm.  

Attendees will be able to take advantage of our 25% discount code. To use it, just enter the code DIVERXIAEY at the time of purchasing the ticket. 

Alex Romeu

About Diverxia Infrastructure  

With almost 20 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, Diverxia Infrastructure works in the development, execution and operation of large renewable projects around the world. With headquarters in Spain and subsidiaries in the UK, USA, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Romania, Diverxia combines experience, commitment and sustained growth, generating great added value to the projects in which it takes part.  

This trajectory drives the recent creation of Diverxia H2, which was born with the vocation of leadership in the integral development and implementation of green hydrogen generation projects. Relying on the extensive experience of its parent company Diverxia Infrastructure, Diverxia H2 seeks to respond to the need to decarbonize our society. 

Diverxia Infrastructure obtains certification on the CSR management system aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by United Nations

The company has just achieved certification for the Corporate Social Responsibility management system aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the United Nations. The best proof of its commitment to sustainability, the environment and peace.

Diverxia Infrastructure, an important company in the promotion renewable energy sector, has aligned itself with 11 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the United Nations. A sign of its adherence to and implementation of the international organization’s set of guidelines.

With this certification, the company takes another step forward in its real and reliable commitment to protecting the planet, eradicating poverty and ensuring prosperity for all, the main lines of the SDGs for the 2030 horizon. Sustainability also plays a priority role in these goals and is directly related to the very essence of Diverxia Infrastructure, which works in the field of clean energy. It is precisely SDG 7 that is related to clean energy, and in this context, the company has agreed to increase the volume of development projects in markets where it is already present, as well as to initiate activity in new locations.

Diverxia Infrastructure, part of the Alonso Group‘s Energy and Infrastructures division, has also committed to continue researching and developing projects to generate green hydrogen as a fuel for heavy-duty transport through its subsidiary, Diverxia H2. The latest example of a socially responsible corporation that is an active part of the society to which it belongs and the planet on which it lives. In fact, this accreditation is the best proof of its real and effective commitment.

“It has been a challenge and we have approached it with the conviction that sustainability must be one of the company’s central aspects. We are very proud to have achieved this certification and, therefore, to have worked to align Diverxia Infrastructure with the SDGs, improving our impact on people and the planet” highlights Alejandro Ginés, the company’s quality director.

Maximum internal and external support

Other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in which the company has been particularly involved, both internally and externally, are those related to zero hunger (SDG 2); health and well-being (SDG 3); quality education (SDG 4); gender equality (SDG 5); affordable and clean energy (SDG 7); decent work and economic growth (SDG 8); industry, innovation and infrastructure (SDG 9); reduction of inequalities (SDG 9); reduction of inequalities (SDG 10); affordable and clean energy (SDG 7); decent work and economic growth (SDG 8); industry, innovation and infrastructure (SDG 9); reducing inequalities (SDG 10); sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11); climate action (SDG 13) or the life of terrestrial ecosystems (SDG 15). A compendium of 11 goals, of the total of 17 established by the United Nations in 2015, which has now been formally recognised with the achievement of the SDG certification, making Diverxia Infrastructure one of the few companies that currently have it.

Comprehensive certification process

After an initial self-diagnosis, the company has been preparing for months for a process that began with training on the SDGs and the definition of the strategy and objectives to be followed. This was followed by the phase of implementing the culture of sustainable development in the company’s cross-cutting strategy. Finally came the evaluation phase, i.e. the final audit by the demanding Bureau Veritas company. An internal and external work for efficiencyproductivity and cost reduction as well as the best proof of the commitment to the planet in all possible areas.

Diverxia Infrastructure has been awarded with 73 MW in the first Energy auction in Puerto Rico.


The Spanish company Diverxia Infrastructure has announced the obtention of two projects in the Tranche one of the public tender organized by the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA), which took place last August in Puerto Rico. 73Mw of capacity is expected to be installed between two projects located in Cabo Rojo and Mayaguez.

Diverxia Infrastructure, a leading company in renewable projects, has been awarded in the Tranche 1 of Energy Resources Auction in Puerto Rico in August. Jointly with Enersys Solar (a local company) have formed a consortium that have been awarded with two projects located in the regions of Cabo Rojo and Mayaguez. Their construction is expected to start next year.

With these projects, which COD is expected to take place in 2025, the company aims to collaborate with the electrical recovery of Puerto Rico, providing steadiness to the island electric network. Renewable Resources represent less than 4% of the total electric capacity of the country. With this auction, the government aims to increase the renewable energy up to 16% by 2024. The objective of the authorities is to achieve a 100% of renewable energy in 2050.

Once Tranche 1 has concluded, Diverxia is already preparing a bid for the Tranche 2, which also intends to adjudge 1.000Mw of renewable generation, in addition to long-term energy storage.

About Diverxia Infrastructure

With more than 15 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, Diverxia Infrastructure works on the development and construction of large renewable energy projects around the world. With headquarters in Spain and offices in the United Kingdom, USA, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Colombia, Diverxia combines experience, commitment and sustainable growth, adding value to the projects in which participates.

Green light to Diverxia for the construction of Huéneja Photovoltaic Complex

Diverxia Infrastructure obtains the necessary administrative authorizations for the construction of Huéneja Photovoltaic Complex. The Regional Government of Andalusia granted the prior administrative and construction authorization and the Public Utility Declaration to the photovoltaic project the company is developing in this Autonomous Community.

On the 1st of July, the Regional Government of Andalusia gave the company the green light to start the construction of these three photovoltaic projects which will shape Huéneja Photovoltaic Complex. Once grid-connected in November 2021, the project in the province of Granada will have a total power of 150 MW, the equivalent of the annual consumption of 92,000 Spanish households.

More than €100 million will be invested in the construction of this large photovoltaic complex by Diverxia Infrastructure. During the construction phase, it will create more than 180 direct jobs, filled by mostly local workers. The construction phase will be launched in mid-October this year and the company is currently immersed in the process of procuring the main equipment.

Besides the development and the construction of this 150 MW project, Diverxia Infrastructure is developing similar projects in Málaga, Puertollano, Zaragoza, Cuenca and other large photovoltaic installations in Latin America.

Diverxia, official partner of the Energyear Andina event in Medellín

Diverxia Infraestructure is an Alonso Group company leader in the execution of engineering projects related to the energy sector. Its presence as an official partner in the Energyear Andina event, held these days in Medellín (Colombia), reaffirms its position as one of the main players in the field of renewable energies in Latin America.

From 19 to 20 October, Medellín will host the Energyear Andina event, one of the most important forums in Latin America where the present and future of the energy sector in Colombia, Peru and the Andean region will be debated.

During two days of talks and conferences, 80 of the main international energy experts will analyze the challenges and opportunities facing the energy sector in the Andean region.

Diverxia Infrastructure, as a leading company in the development and execution of renewable energy projects at international level, will participate as an official partner of the event, displaying its more than ten years of experience betting on bringing clean energy to emerging economies.

Effective and productive networking
In addition to sharing knowledge, networking is one of the fundamental pillars of this meeting. Exclusively, since it is only possible to attend under invitation, the different work sessions programmed will allow entrepreneurs, investors and representatives from different official bodies to be put in touch.

In this way, a space for discussion and synergies is achieved in which the main actors of the energy sector can join forces and forge relationships that translate into new development opportunities for the sector.

A company focused on sustainability
Diverxia Infraestructure, which has its own offices in Colombia, Argentina and Mexico, has been managing and executing renewable energy projects throughout Latin America for several years, to the point of becoming one of the reference companies in the renewable energy sector.

Innovation from the point of view of sustainability is one of the hallmarks of this company, which has specialised in the comprehensive management of large-scale photovoltaic and port projects.

The membership of Alonso Group, a leading international multisectorial holding company in the logistics sector, gives it a solvency and versatility that makes Diverxia Infrastructure the perfect partner to carry out projects of all kinds anywhere in the world.

Diverxia closes sale of Tump Solar Farm project in UK

Diverxia’s Renewable Energy Division has succesfully connected a new solar farm in Monmouthshire County (UK) to the national power grid.

Tump Solar Farm, with a total installed capacity of 4.99 MWp, is capable of generating sufficient clean energy to supply the consumption of 1.500 households. It has developed taking into account the highest quality and environmental standards. Tump Solar Farm has rigorously planned to add to the sustainability of utility-scale solar PV, the integration and preservation of the grazing and the ecological balance of the area.
In addition to the connection, Diverxia has also announced the acquisition of Tump Solar Farm by an important international investor.
Paola Cásseres, Diverxia Business Manager, comments: “We are pleased to announce the successful sale on March 16th of our Photovoltaic Asset to an international investor specialized in renewable energy. The construction process of Tump Solar Farm has been very fluid and for the next two years we will remain involved as Operations and Maintenance Supplier.”

Nowadays, and after more than 10 years of developing logistical, port and energy infrastructure projects, Diverxia is committed to an ambitious pipeline focused on Renewable Energy projects in European and Latin-American Markets.

Solar Potential in Mexico


Mexico could be one of the world powers involved in renewable energy generation of thanks to its privileged location where solar radiation has a higher density reaching 5.8kWh/m2. However, just 14% of the energy consumed in the country comes from renewable sources.
This is why the National Infrastructure Plan 2014-2018 will allocate $320,000 million dollars to develop energy projects allowing Mexico to become a powerhouse in renewable energy.

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Renewable electricity generation in UK

Renewable electricity generation in UK continued with its escalation reaching in 2014 Q3 13,4 TWh, what means an increase of 24 percent compared with the same period of previous year. This is possible through the ongoing development of renewable projects carried out in the country that have allowed to increase the capacity installed of these green sources of energy, being solar energy the largest contributor in 2014 by increasing its total capacity 1,9GW.

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